How to find different types of side activities in GTA 5?

Welcome to this article on finding different types of side activities in GTA 5! Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to explore new options or a beginner looking for some exciting extras, this article will provide you with all the information you need to enhance your gaming experience. Read on to discover the various side activities available in GTA 5 and how to find them.

Exploring the World of GTA 5

GTA 5 offers a vast open world for players to explore, filled with numerous side activities to engage in. From adrenaline-pumping missions to leisurely pastimes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. However, with so much to discover, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

To make the most of GTA 5’s side activities, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what’s available and how to access them. In the following sections, we’ll delve into the different types of side activities in GTA 5 and provide you with tips to find them.

Types of Side Activities in GTA 5

GTA 5 offers a diverse range of side activities that cater to various interests. Here are some of the main types of side activities you can experience:

1. Races

Immerse yourself in thrilling races scattered throughout the city and countryside. From intense street races to off-road challenges, GTA 5 provides a variety of race options to test your driving skills.

2. Sports and Recreation

If you’re in the mood for some leisurely activities, GTA 5 has you covered. Engage in golf, tennis, yoga, darts, and more to unwind between adrenaline-fueled missions.

3. Strangers and Freaks

Interact with unique characters scattered across the map, known as “strangers and freaks.” Completing missions for these characters will unravel their stories and provide you with exciting challenges.

4. Random Events

Keep an eye out for random events that occur spontaneously throughout the game. These events range from car accidents and robberies to gang shootouts, offering dynamic and unexpected encounters.

5. Collectibles

GTA 5 is filled with collectibles waiting to be discovered. From hidden packages and spaceship parts to letter scraps and nuclear waste, scouring the map for these items can be a rewarding experience.

Finding Side Activities in GTA 5

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of side activities in GTA 5, let’s explore how to find them:

1. Utilize the In-Game Map

The in-game map is a valuable tool to locate side activities. Look for icons representing races, recreational activities, strangers and freaks encounters, and collectibles. Explore different areas of the map to discover new opportunities.

2. Listen to Radio Commercials and Conversations

Tune in to the various radio stations and listen for commercials promoting side activities. Additionally, pay attention to conversations between NPCs as they may offer hints or tips about hidden missions or events.

3. Follow Online Guides and Forums

Online communities dedicated to GTA 5 often share detailed guides and forums discussing hidden side activities. These resources can provide valuable insights and locations for you to explore.


Q: Can I participate in side activities from the beginning of the game?

A: Yes, many side activities in GTA 5 are accessible right from the start. However, some may require certain prerequisites or progression in the main story.

Q: Do side activities reward players with in-game currency?

A: Yes, most side activities in GTA 5 offer a monetary reward upon completion. This can be useful for purchasing weapons, vehicles, and other upgrades.

Q: Can I replay side activities?

A: Yes, you can replay most side activities in GTA 5. This allows you to improve your performance, try different strategies, and enjoy the activities multiple times.


GTA 5 is filled with an array of side activities to keep players entertained and immersed in the game world. From races and sports to unique missions and collectibles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. By utilizing the in-game map, listening to radio commercials and conversations, and seeking online resources, you can easily find and engage in the various side activities GTA 5 has to offer. So go ahead and embark on a thrilling adventure beyond the main storyline!