How to find the posts I have liked on Facebook?

Are you wondering how to find posts that you have liked on Facebook? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the process of locating your liked posts on Facebook. Read on to learn more!

The Problem: Finding Liked Posts on Facebook

Facebook is a vast social media platform where we connect with friends, share our thoughts, and engage with various types of content. When we come across a post that we like, we often hit the like button to show our appreciation or save it for future reference. However, as time passes and our interaction with the platform increases, it can be challenging to find those liked posts in the sea of content.

Many users have expressed their frustration over the inability to locate their liked posts on Facebook. Whether it’s a memorable photo, an informative article, or a funny video, finding these liked posts can be time-consuming and complicated. But fear not! We have the solution to this problem.

The Solution: How to Find Your Liked Posts on Facebook

If you’re eager to rediscover your liked posts on Facebook, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Accessing Your Activity Log

Firstly, log in to your Facebook account using your credentials. On the top right corner of your Facebook homepage, click on the dropdown arrow to open the menu. From the dropdown menu, select the “Activity Log” option.

Step 2: Navigating to Liked Posts

In your Activity Log, you will find a list of your past activities on Facebook. On the left-hand side, you will see different categories such as Posts, Photos and Videos, Likes and Reactions, and Comments. To find your liked posts, click on the “Likes and Reactions” category.

Step 3: Filtering Liked Posts

After clicking on the “Likes and Reactions” category, you will see all your likes and reactions on Facebook, including the posts you have liked. To filter only the posts, click on the “Posts and Comments” option on the top left corner of the screen.

Voila! Now you can browse through all the posts you have liked on Facebook. From here, you can interact with these posts, share them with your friends, or simply reminisce about the memories associated with them.


Q: Can I search for specific liked posts on Facebook?

A: Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide a search feature within the Activity Log to find specific liked posts. However, you can use the browser’s search function (Ctrl+F or Command+F) to search for keywords within the Activity Log page.

Q: Can I unlike a post from my Activity Log?

A: Yes, you can unlike a post directly from your Activity Log. Simply navigate to the liked post in your Activity Log, click on the pencil icon on the right side, and select the “Unlike” option.

Q: Are liked posts visible to my Facebook friends?

A: No, liked posts are not publicly visible to your Facebook friends unless you have explicitly shared them on your timeline or in a group.


In this article, we discussed how to find posts that you have liked on Facebook. By accessing your Activity Log and navigating to the “Likes and Reactions” category, you can locate all your liked posts. Although Facebook does not offer a search feature within the Activity Log, you can use the browser’s search function to search for specific keywords. Now, you can easily rediscover your favorite posts and engage with them once again. Happy browsing!